Abel Mohler

I’m finally starting a blog

After some time contributing to forums, I’ve decided to start a blog.  I’ve realized that it would be more productive creating content for my own site, rather than spend an exorbitant amount of time creating content for other sites.  I’ll still be caught on occasion in other communities, but this is where I’d like to put my most important thoughts.

I’m a full time, freelance web-developer, and have an interesting time working from home and networking with people I’ve never met in person.  Although there are some fallbacks (mostly organizational) to my working scheme, I love the benefits,  and enjoy what I do.  While part of my intention here is to document my career and promote myself as a web-developer, I am not thinking about this site only as a bottom-line.  I like the creative process of writing, and always have, therefore I am leaving myself as much room to enjoy writing about whatever pleases me.

Because the intention of this journal is to communicate about topics that may be rather unrelated to each other, I have attempted to organize the site into clear categories.  Although I may add or remove some of these in the future, my intitial categories are this:

  1. Life – this is my all-purpose category, and may be about anything from politics (not very often), to sports, or movies, music, events, my upcoming marriage, or anything else.  If it doesn’t fit into anything else, it is life.
  2. Freelancing – from time to time, I may want to talk about freelancing in general.  I like to give advice to those who wish to make it online as a work-from-home freelancer.  I have been able to help people overcome various obstacles, in many different fields, when it comes to making it online.  I have strong ideas and am sometimes opinionated about this subject.
  3. Web development – I’m a web developer, after all.  This is a general purpose category, and for now, has two sub-categories: JavaScript, and PHP, since these are two technologies I use frequently and know a lot about.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

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