Abel Mohler

Software Patents are Patently Ridiculous

I don’t have time to write a long post about this, but suffice it to say I feel very strongly about this.  Software patents are almost always an absurdity, and they leave me feeling like their only real purpose is to sue other companies with.  It has been consistently demonstrated that openness leads to innovation, and that copyright of source is strong enough to protect companies and individual’s rights to intellectual property.

If you live in the U.S. and feel like I do, you can make a difference. The  USPTO is asking for feedback as to how they should shape their new policy regarding software patents.  They are giving everyone until September 27th to submit their opinions about this.  It is very unusual for them to ask for feedback from average citizens, which shows what an unusual situation this is.

For more information, and for how to contact the USPTO, see this page from the Free Software Foundation:

Encourage the USPTO to stop issuing software patents; deadline September 27

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