Abel Mohler

jQuery Mapbox Updated

Just to let anyone who uses my plugin know, I’ve officially updated it.  It has proven to be my most popular plugin (by far), and I appreciate all of the response and feedback I’ve gotten so far.  This is not not the type of plugin that gets a huge audience, but I was recently excited to learn that some developers have been using it for over two years.  I’ve personally deployed it in production systems for over 3 years, and it works great in everything I’ve used it for.


Why I moved things to GitHub.

I was excited to learn that people were still using it, but I current have very little time to support this free product.  I was delighted when GitHub user https://github.com/dschenk offered some real improvements to it.  To see the improved plugin, bundled with all of the files needed for it, and updated to “Strict Mode” for cleaner code, go here: https://github.com/wayfarer/jQuery-Mapbox.  For other comments see the source tree itself.  All of the documentation here still applies: Mapbox Demo and Documentation.

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